Technology Benefits

More Oil Production + Lower Costs = Higher Profit Margins

eSteam™ achieves enhanced heat efficiency resulting in more oil production for a lower steam cost

eSteam™ is an energy efficient method compared to a Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG)

  • Better economics with a lower steam-oil ratio (SOR) 
  • 50% less fuel for same volume of steam in the reservoir 
  • 25%  lower operating expenses
  • No steam quality loss in the wellbore
  • Superior steam distribution increases oil production
  • Improves mobility ratio by enhancing areal sweep efficiency 
  • Less sensitive to water quality that reduces treatment costs
  • 60% lower capital costs for the off-the-shelf eSteam system
  • Precise temperature control improves heat efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance, downtime and process interruptions
  • Increases proved oil reserves
  • Delivers high-quality steam to reservoirs below 2500 ft. 
  • In-situ upgrading of heavy oil in the reservoir 
  • Portable and scalable up to 100 MMBTU/hr.
  • No combustion downhole or in the reservoir
  • No moving parts in the wellbore